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We provide a range of services in Hammersmith and surrounding London areas. All glass cutting, mirrors, fixings and fittings.


Glass Shelving in South West London

For your display, a glass shelving arrangement is a realistic and bright answer. we will layout and manufacture the entirety from an individual shelf to a bespoke visible storage display shelf arrangement. Despite the fact that most of our glass may have a polished side we additionally offer a special edge for people who require […]

21 Oct 16 GLAZED

Glass Balcony and Patio Balustrades

We supply and fit balustrades for any building. With our professional glass cutting equipment and designer fittings, we can create a custom installation to meet your requirements.

20 Oct 16 GLAZED
Large Bathroom Mirror With Awesome Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas

Wall Mirror Installations

Full-Scale Mirrors are Magical Take a look, and then allow your rooms to enthuse elegance and class to any room in your home whilst creating the belief of brighter light, bigger space and better transparency with our range of stylish looking full-scale custom wall mirror installation. There are so many styles to select to match your décor – contemporary […]

19 Oct 16 GLAZED

Walk ON Glass

These beautiful inner floor panels illuminate your property with a flush of light. That’s why they are a favourite for properties with rooms that lack considerable stages of natural sun light throughout the day. They can provide a talking point, visual delight and instant wow factor to your property. The floorlight may be used to […]

12 Oct 16 GLAZED

Mirrors Shaped to Fit Your Bathroom

We are able to design your perfect mirror, from glamorous illuminated mirrors to basic decor make-up mirrors, there’s a perfect mirror for everyone. To help you look your best, bathroom mirrors help enlarge a space and reflect natural and artificial light, meaning they are a great addition to smaller spaces such as bathrooms. At Glazed […]

11 Oct 16 GLAZED

Glass Table Tops

Glass Table Tops If you need a unique table top glass shape we can cut it for you in our Hammersmith Glass Shop. We can also cut holes in the glass and provide cut outs to ensure a proper fit on the existing frame. Table top shapes available: • Square / Rectangle • Circle • […]

11 Oct 16 GLAZED

Glass Splashbacks

Glass Splash Back We can supply and fit coloured glass splash backs, architectural glass and back-painted glass features for your home. Any Shade, Size and Shape for your Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room or Office Space. We focus on supplying you with architectural glass for a wide assortment of uses. We offer end-to-end glass results from […]

10 Oct 16 GLAZED

Sliding System

Our sliding systems are made from glass to create a unique and luxury glass door. With their wide variety of possible uses and designs, sliding systems are truly versatile for all building shapes and sizes. A sliding system creates the possibility to view the external landscape meaning a less obscured outlook which can open up […]

09 Feb 16 GLAZED

Support Bars

Now that you have come to refurbish your bathroom it’s very important that you have accurate support structures in the right position. This way, your shower will safe for you and your family to enjoy and will also be built to last. We only stock high quality pieces, buy a product and service you can […]

09 Feb 16 GLAZED
glass shelf brackets


We have an all-encompassing assortment of toughened and laminated architectural/shower hardware products at our Hammersmith Glass Shop. We serve all customers, trading to the architectural and shop fitter market.

15 Jan 16 GLAZED


Get Your Glass Designs Customised Welcome to GLAZED – a leading glazier specialist in architectural glass in Hammersmith, West London. Over 15 years of glazier trade expertise, we’ve built up a wealth of knowledge in the field of glass installation projects. We offer both supply-only and a full supply and install services on a full product range from […]

21 Dec 15 GLAZED