Glass Table Tops


Glass Table Tops in SW13

The style of glass on your table

Glass is beautiful to have around the home and garden, it makes a strong statement it reflects light like no other material. It’s also very strong and can be scratch resistant. It doesn’t stain with spilled coffee like wood does.  All you need is a dry, clean cloth and a spray bottle full of water or glass cleaner to keep your glass squeaky clean and shiny.

We can have your new glass table in the shape you want:

  • Oval Glass Table Top Replacement
  • Square or Rectangle Glass Replacement
  • Round Glass Table Top Replacement
  • Custom Cut Glass Table Top Replacement
  • Table top with cut outs
  • Frosted Glass Table.

Glass – Wooden Garden Table Protection

If you have a wooden garden table that you want to protect, then a tinted-glass table top can provide your wooden garden furniture with a sunblock, protecting and preventing against sun rays and therefore colour loss. Scratches and even sun damage give a sense of oldness to your wood furniture prematurely. A glass table top can protect from daily wear and tear and can be a safety measure to prolong the appearance that make the glass piece look special.


Benefits of having a glass table:

  • Glass table tops can be stylish.
  • Glass table tops can protect against destructive Ultra Violet rays.
  • Glass table tops can extend the life expectancy of your wooden table.
  • Glass table tops are easy to clean.

Glass Table Top Replacements

img_0480The glass table top edges can be custom cut to give your table top an elegant and classy crisp design.
You can use glass to dine indoors and outdoors. If you want a hygienic surface to eat from then glass will be perfect for you! It’s cleaner and reflects light too. If you need a new piece of glass due to your table being cracked, smashed, weathered or chipped then we can cut a new custom sized piece glass for you today!

Our glass table services

A glass table top can deliver an enormous benefit to your home’s tables. To get an improved impression of what types of glass and styles can be designed to give the right effect for you, get in contact with Glazed Ltd. We’ll be happy to discuss your table top design in the works for your home!

Customised Glass Table

We provide a full range of glazing and glass processing services in Hammersmith glass shop called Glazed:


  • Glass Cut Size
  • Glass Polishing,
  • Glass Drilling,
  • Glass Bevelling,
  • Waterjet Cutting,
  • Toughened Glass,
  • Laminated Glass,
  • Coloured Glass tables,
  • Sandblasting,
  • Acid Etching,
  • Stained and Leaded Glass.

Give your dining room a lavish and classy feel with our glass table top installations. Whether you require a glass table top as a cover for an existing table or as a bespoke top for a new one, the team of experts at Glazed are here to help. You can always expect the highest of standards in quality when using our glass installation services. For your safety, we use strong glass, which is made to last for a long time.

We are based in Hammersmith and serve all over the neighbouring regions. Contact us today for a free quote.