Glass Splashbacks


Custom Glass Splash Backs in Hammersmith and Barnes

Glass is becoming progressively popular in London with contemporary design projects. The most recent kitchen design trend is splash backs which are created behind taps of sinks or behind cookers and stoves. They can be coloured glass in many different stylish tones to replace tiles in a kitchen or bathroom. As tile grout can build up dirt and bacteria glass splash backs are the cleaner alterative to tiled splash-backs as they provide a new clean surface to whichever wall chosen.


Glass Splash backs are prepared by painting the back of the cut and processed glass to your chosen colour. The glass can then be safety filmed and we fit it to the wall. The benefits of splash backs produced in glass form is that any colour necessary can be delivered on toughened glass to make the area behind your appliances more resilient when intense heat is concerned, such as behind a kitchen oven cooking hob where spillages also may occur.

So contact us if you are interested in getting a splash back for you home in Hammersmith and Barnes. This is a good idea if you want to make you kitchen and bathroom look sleek behind the sink, with easy to clean surfaces and no bacteria build up. Follow the trend and choose your desired colour to match any wall, frames or other glassware.