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Walk ON Glass

12 Oct 16
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These beautiful inner floor panels illuminate your property with a flush of light. That’s why they are a favourite for properties with rooms that lack considerable stages of natural sun light throughout the day.

They can provide a talking point, visual delight and instant wow factor to your property.

The floorlight may be used to inspire herbal light from flooring above into rooms below, enhancing your satisfactory of life. You can install a single panel for standalone use or as part of a multi-panel production for an array of light to be in abundance inside your property.

Our walk-on glass flooring is built to be frequently walked on. Our glazing engineers calculate the strength of glazing required to take regular foot traffic for complete safety and watertight integrity – and of course to meet the necessary building codes for residential, commercial or public buildings.

highly durable

Our interior walk-on glass flooring are specifically designed to in shape flush with the ground so you preserve all the characteristic of the floor even as illuminating the room underneath with the valuable commodity of herbal mild; adding value on your everyday lives and your own home as an entire with the aid of bringing previously inhabitable areas – inclusive of basements or cellars – back to lifestyles.