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Wall Mirror Installations and Replacements

19 Oct 16
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Full-Scale Mirrors are Magical

Take a look, and then allow your rooms to enthuse elegance and class to any room in your home whilst creating the belief of brighter light, bigger space and better transparency with our range of stylish looking full-scale custom wall mirror installation.
There are so many styles to select to match your décor – contemporary mirrors or something a bit more unique to enhance almost any interior design arrangement.

Time to reflect on mirrors.

Mirrors add glamour and decorative interest, and they are – of course – practical, too, helping us get ready in the morning and letting us check how we look before we leave home. Discover mirror designs for every room in the home in our dazzling collection.

Mirror your zest and style with measured and fitted wall mirrors that reflect your individual style. Our made-to-measure mirrors are completely unique to you. So whether you need a mirror for an awkward space, or want a bold, statement piece to get your guests talking, you can count on us to meet your needs.

in case you are seeking out a piece greater shine around the frame of your complete length wall reflect why not pick out a antique fashion ornate framed reflect with lovely silver finishes and baroque inspired detailing and bevelled edges.

wall-mirror-installationsComplete wall mirror installations.

Our complete length wall mirrors embody clean polished glass for you to sparkle to your room, deliver a feel of extra space, even as allowing you to have a complete length view while carrying out your each day grooming recurring or taking a look at how you look earlier than you head out the door. Complete period wall mirrors mirror the mild in one long panel so you get greater of a statement burst of light into your own home. When the entire wall mirror is placed on an empty wall you will create a layout function that strikes both vertical or horizontal light patterns and can create a wonderful indoors illusion of better ceilings and a bigger room. Our waxed and lacquered wooden frames are without problems washable with a fabric to maintain them looking as appropriate as while you purchased them, permitting the wooden to provide wealthy colouring as a way to complement your decor. We do Replacement Glass.