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Glass Table Tops

11 Oct 16
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Glass Table Tops

If you need a unique table top glass shape we can cut it for you in our Hammersmith Glass Shop. We can also cut holes in the glass and provide cut outs to ensure a proper fit on the existing frame.
Table top shapes available:
• Square / Rectangle
• Circle
• Ellipse (Oval)
• Racetrack Oval
• Irregular Shape

If you need a replacement toughened glass table top or protector then you have come to the right place. Our made to measure table tops and protectors are available to order in our Hammersmith Glass Shop in various thickness made from toughened glass.


Kitchen – Glass Breakfast Bar

At Glazed Ltd Glass Shop in Hammersmith we can produce any shape glass table top as we have the facility to create beautiful glass table tops, built to your exact specifications with short turnaround times in a multiplicity of colours and edge works.
Glass table tops are also a easy way to provide tables with a brand new look. Refresh your original designer tables with a fresh new colour or design. Glass on a table top adds shine, a glass table top looks great on a dressers, desks, and on coffee-tables making it hygienic and easy to clean them.

You may have a glass table top that has diminished the shiny look. Glazed Ltd glass shop in Hammersmith can cut a piece of glass to your particular specifications, forming the perfect replacement. Also, if you have an outdoor table suffering from weathering, a new glass-table top will bring it back to life again!

We cover all surrounding areas including Barnes, Chiswick, Putney, Actopn, Richmonmd and Kensington.