Terms and Conditions of Glazed Services

Terms and Conditions of our Glass Services
Applicability of Conditions
Glazed Ltd accepts orders for the availability of products and services subject solely to those conditions. The customer accepts that these conditions shall govern relations between themselves and therefore the Company to the exclusion of the other terms together with while not limitation, conditions and warranties (written or verbal, understood or expressed) albeit contained in any of the Buyer’s documents that purport to supply that the Buyer’s own terms shall prevail. No variation of those conditions or of any quotation or order rising therefrom shall be valid unless in agreement in writing between the corporate and therefore the purchaser.
Glazed Ltd should be employed in accordance with the relevant British and European Standards and Building regulations. It’s the responsibility of the customer to make sure that the services are suitable for a selected use and meets all legal necessities and codes of observed regulations.

Payment Terms

Total payment due in 14 days of total completion.
All materials stay the property of Glazed Ltd utill purchased fully.
Glazed Ltd. is entitled to require full payment of outstanding quantity upon completion of the work from the customer’s credit/ charge account credit.
Upon completion of the work, any faults or complaints in respect of the work done should be reported to Glazed ltd with 48hrs of completion.
Any quotation shall solely be valid for an amount of thirty days from its date of issue, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
A quotation for the product and Services by shall not represent a suggestion and that we reserve the right to withdraw or revise any quote at any time before acceptance by of an Order.
Any pictures of our product provided to you’re for illustrative functions solely. Though we’ve got created each effort to show the colors and styles accurately, we have a tendency to cannot guarantee that the colors and styles accurately replicate the color and styles of the product. Your product could vary slightly from those pictures.
You are accountable for:
(a) guaranteeing that the terms of the Order are complete and correct, together with any measurements and specifications;
(b) co-operating with us in relevancy all matters concerning the product and Services;
(c) providing USA, our workers, agents, consultants and subcontractors, with access to your premises so as to hold out the Services;
(d) providing us such info and materials as we have a tendency to could fairly need so as to produce the product and Services, and guaranteeing that such info is correct altogether material respects;
(e) guaranteeing any merchandise equipped appropriate for the installation of the merchandise. If we have a tendency to are needed to hold out the Services with merchandise not equipped by Glazed, we have a tendency to don’t seem to be chargeable for any defects in such merchandise or any loss or injury arising therefrom;
(f) making ready your premises for the availability of our Services;
(g) providing Glazed with ample power and every one instrumentality and facilities needed to modify USA to hold out the Services in accordance with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations;
(h) removing all furnishings, fixtures and fittings etc which could hinder Glazed in winding up the Services; and
(i) getting all necessary licences, permissions and consents which can be needed before the date on that the Services are to be allotted.

The Company warrants that the merchandise within its usual tolerances on quality and finish and shall replace or at its alternative refund the acquisition worth applicable of any merchandise that do not in its sole opinion befits its warrant, provided invariably any claim below this warrant is formed within the required warrant quantity of the particular product once the date of delivery of the merchandise alleged to be defective. All glass used shall be of fine quality however the corporate shall be beneath no liability any in respect of minor blemishes or imperfections that don’t seem to be warranted by the glass makers (not noticeable at a distance of 1.5m)
The Buyer assumes responsibility for the capability or the performance of the products being adequate and appropriate for his or her supposed use.
Warranty periods on the subsequent merchandise issued by the corporate at its own discretion and given that all correct ways of transport, storage, installation and merchandise choice are properly followed:
• Sealed units into dry/well drained u PVC frames: ten years
• Sealed units into timber frames: five years
• De-silvering of mirror backing: twelve months
• Painted glasswork: twelve months

Cancellation by the client
The Buyer could cancel or suspend order solely with Glazed consent first, following agreement by the client to reimburse materials already paid for in a quantity to be determined by Glazed.

Limitations of Liability
Glazed shall not be to blame for defects or failures in glazing or fixing as a result of unsuitable frames, systems or structures being employed by the client or shoppers or agents of the client.
Handling or operating or transporting the Buyer’s own glass or alternative property is at the Buyer’s risk.
The Company shall not be to blame for any expenditure loss (including while not limitation economic indirect and eventful loss) harm or injury (other than personal injury arising out of negligence that we have a tendency to should settle for liability in accordance with the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 wherever you’re a Britain client for Britain supply) arising out of any use or managing the products howsoever such expenditure loss harm or injury shall arise and whether or not from any defect within the product or otherwise.

Inevitable Accidents
In the event of Glazed being delayed in or prevented from performing arts its obligations hereafter due to any cause any on the far side the Company’s management as well as while not limitation act of God, war, strikes, lockouts, trade disputes, problem in getting workmen or materials, breakdown of kit, or my alternative cause, the corporate won’t be to blame for any loss, harm or expenses incurred and shall be at liberty to terminate or suspend orders while not acquisition any liability rising from the situation.